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Jamie Bodiford

6 Real Estate Marketing Trends that WORK!

This month we are looking at real estate marketing trends that get your property in front of the buyer and SOLD! Without a doubt there are tried and true methods that still work, but there are also new trends in the market that you don't want to miss!

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Real Estate 411 - 6 Real Estate Marketing Trends that WORK!

In an overly saturated "marketing" business climate, how do you cut through the clutter and get your property in front of the buyer?

There are many choices available to market real estate today, so many in fact it can be confusing. We have put together a list of six marketing trends that we have seen be successful in getting more exposure to your property. Although there are tried and true methods that have worked for years, today's marketing climate demands that we stay up with where and how people get their information. The six trends we will look at are:

  1. Mobile technology
  2. Web marketing
  3. Email marketing
  4. Social media marketing
  5. Flyers in front of house
  6. Just listed postcards

Number one on our list is MOBILE TECHNOLOGY. Mobile TechnologySince over 75% of America is receiving information on some type of mobile device, this is our first pick in getting information out to the consumer about your property. For buyer's, it makes it easy to find a home that fits your needs in the location your desire.

From Century 21 to to many hundreds of other mobile applications, there are apps tailored to the consumers needs, phone technology, and technology level. A consumer can choose the app that fits their mobile phone brand and technology platform, and that has all the bells and whistles they want to help them in their home search.

For example, the Century 21 mobile app for the iPhone is a user friendly and simple application. Just open the app and the GPS will find your location and bring up a list of homes in that area. Or, you can be more specific and choose a city or zip, set your pricing and other criteria, and up pops the properties that fit your search - either in list form or on a map.

Other real estate mobile apps to check out are,, and Many companies are now adding applications that you can use on other Smart Phones other than just the iPhone.

Why is mobile technology important and how does it work?

Mobile technology simply "feeds" information from the Web to your Smartphone in various programs or applications (apps). For the consumer on the go armed with a smart phone that has a real estate app, it's as easy as pulling up in front of the home you like and with a few clicks on the phone look at photos of the interior and view the price and other important details. If you want to set an appointment to view the home, just click on a button and you can instantly be connected to the agent's phone number, or contact them via email or text.

The advantage to the buyer: Immediate access to information
The advantage to the seller: Information to the buyer 24/7

web marketingNumber two on our list is WEB MARKETING. We all know where we go these days for information and help - and looking for a house is no exception. We go online to our favorite websites, or we go to Google or another search engine. Recent estimates say that over 84% of people looking for a home start their search online. So, your property MUST be viewable on the World Wide Web (www) if you want to reach the multitude of homebuyers!

Real Estate search engines like and provide INSTANT information to the consumer, helping them make a more informed decision. In today's web marketing you also have what we call "syndication" which means the real estate search engines send out their information to other thrird party websites, increasing exposure and views of the properties. What used to be a simple weekly ad in a newspaper with a limited readership is now a real estate ad that provides information to potential millions of interested viewers 24/7! School, community, and neighborhood specifics - and much more are also included on a listing that is marketed correctly on the Web. Mix that with a REALTOR that understands the market and can act as a guide and a negotiator along the way, and you have a WIN WIN for all parties!

The advantage to the buyer: Immediate access to information
The advantage to the seller: Greater exposure to more people

email marketingNumber three is EMAIL MARKETING. If you are like 98% of the country, you are using email as a means of communication. Email marketing, just like Web marketing, broadens the potential exposure of your property.

A REALTOR with an extensive network of local real estate professionals and sphere of influence (SOI) can reach potentially thousands of interested parties with a simple email "blast" announcing their new listing. It is no secret that email is a preferred method of marketing in today's world. And now with mobile technology bringing our emails to our phones, we can view these anytime, anywhere!

The advantage to the buyer: Information delivered from a trusted source even BEFORE it is available anywhere else
The advantage to the seller: Greater exposure to more people 

Number four is SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING. Facebook and social has over 500 millions users and other popular networks like and have hundreds of millions of active participants as well. Through social media, people can "connect" to savvy real estate professionals they trust and like and likewise Realtors can find qualified buyers using their social media networks. The Realtor that employs social media in their real estate marketing can expose your property to potentially thousands of interested prospects. One friend tells another that tells another and before long your property lands in the right buyer's account. It broadens the possiblities, and that's just good marketing! is the #2 search engine in the world next to YouTube and social More and more savvy marketers are turning to YouTube to feature videos of properties that give a personal and up-close, realistic view of the house. When the time comes for you to list your home, be sure you ask your Realtor to shoot a video of the home - and if you're game, put on your camera face and join in the fun of making the video. Who knows, your video might go "viral" and get a million views!

The advantage to the buyer: An on-demand review of a property from the comfort of their home
The advantage to the seller: Greater exposure to more people 

Going back to tried and true basics, number five is FLYERS IN FRONT OF THE HOUSE. As we can see, marketing that works is marketing that gives INFORMATION on demand, when the consumer wants it. Instead of dialing a number, viewing the info on a smartphone, or emailing the agent for information, when driving around looking for homes (which is a favorite past time for many prospective homebuyers), information available at the property is a no-brainer. A box or tube with flyers that give basic facts about the house like price, number of bedrooms, and a photo of the kitchen, simply works.

The advantage to the buyer: Instant gratification by providing key facts about the property when they are there looking
The advantage to the seller: Providing key facts that qualifiy your property to interested prospects

The last real estate marketing trend on our list is another method that has been used for years and is still successful even in this digital age. Number six is JUST LISTED POSTCARDS that announce to your neighborhood or area that your house is for sale. (Statistics show that most people moved only 12 miles away from their previous home.) When a Realtor expands that distribution to their sphere of influence (SOI), the message reaches even more real state professionals and interested parties who might be looking for what your home offers.

The advantage to the buyer: They receive information on a home that is available in their selected neighborhood or area
The advantage to the seller: Exposing your property to potential buyers in your direct area

So that completes our list of SIX REAL ESTATE MARKETING TRENDS that are proven to provide better exposure of your property when the homebuyer wants it.

Contact your me today to find out how they plan to market your property to get the best price in the shortest amount of time!


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